Christopher Lakewood

Certified Knight Thompson Speechwork
Accent Modification and Dialect Coach


Accent Modification

Improving speech intelligibility

Also known as Accent Reduction or Accent Softening. This work is about eliminating any confusion in your speech so that words like 'Day' and 'They' or 'Ship' and 'Sheep' aren't pronounced the same leading listeners to misunderstand you. Minimizing confusion is the number one priority but dependent on your goals we can also work to 'soften' your accent towards an accent such as Standard Southern British English (SSBE) or General American (GenAm).

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Dialect Coaching for Actors

Learn a new accent from scratch of perfect one you're familiar with to native standard.

We will examine the four 'P's' of accent work:

  • Posture (as in Oral or Vocal Tract Posture) - the resting place and physical tendencies of the accent

  • Prosody - rhythm and pitch patterns of the accent

  • Pronunciation - these are the sounds that are used in this accent and how the lexical sets are distributed

  • People - This is the cultural context of the accent.

We will then look at incorporation strategies so that the accent isn't a barrier to your performance.

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Public Speaking

Gain confidence and vocal ease

I have developed the confidence and vocal ease of clients from 6-60, from CEO's, to schoolchildren to small business owners pitching for grants.

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LAMDA Examinations

Performance and Communication Exam Coaching

Previous clients of mine have earned consecutive Distinctions for their LAMDA Examination results. I can bring out your best  and help to improve your communication/performance skills as well as your overall confidence.

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Acting Coaching

Develop Your Craft

Whether you are working on pieces for your drama school auditions or looking to brush up on your self tape skills I'm here to help.

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Accent Modification Testimonials


Chris is just the best teacher, pleasure to interact with and just a lovely person to get to know. I cannot recommend him enough as an accent tutor. He is incredibly patient with how tone deaf I am and always so kind and understanding. I have learned so much thanks to him and his knowledge is incredible. Thank you Chris!


Dialect Coaching for Actors Testimonials


I have worked with Chris on RP, General American, New York and Southern American accents for acting jobs and have found him to be a terrific tutor - helpful, encouraging, clear and friendly. I'd highly recommend getting in touch with him for accent work.

Seylan Baxter, actress (Dr Who, Macbeth, Outlander, The Victim, Dirty Water etc)

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