My Experience

Experience and Qualifications


Associate Voice Teacher (specialising in Accents and Phonetics) at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts

I work with MA, BA and MFA acting students at LAMDA  and help to develop their kinesthetic awareness and skill in the production of accents. 
I also coach accents and voice on final year shows. Recent production coaching includes Miss Julie by Amy Ng  directed by Emily Ling Williams and King Charles III by Mike Bartlett directed by Matt Wilde.

I have led recall workshops for prospective LAMDA students and have been on the recall audition panel and interview panel.


Accents and Phonetics Tutor at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

I train the PG acting and musical theatre students at Mountview in accents.

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Co-hosted webinar on Lexical Set Strategies

Co-hosted (along with master dialect coaches Eric Armstrong and Jude McSpadden) a webinar for other coaches about using lexical sets. With 27 sets and 62 sub-sets, and a vast array of splits and mergers, they can be overwhelming to coach/teacher and client/student alike! Through demonstration and a little bit of play, Jude, Chris and Eric will propose some strategies to learn and teach the Lexical Sets effectively, such as diagnostics, songs, emojis, colour coding, minimal pairs, rhyming, mind maps and visuals. 

KTS Webinar #35: Lexical Set Strategies –

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Accents and Phonetics Tutor at Academy of Live & Recorded Arts

Worked with MA and BA acting students across ALRA North and ALRA South and helped them develop their accent skills. I coached them through a programme of accents including Celtic variations and accents of their own choice.

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Accents and Phonetics Tutor at Empower School of Acting

Worked through Standard Southern British English and General American with students looking at a number of regional accents along the way.

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Accents and Phonetics Tutor at Millennium Performing Arts

Worked with musical theatre students on English phonetics and variations of 'Received Pronunciation' - Traditional RP, Modern RP and Heightened RP.  


 Speech and Performance Coach

Seven years of private and group tutoring experience working with a wide variety of clients from ages 6-60s.

My Training


Knight Thompson Speechwork

Los Angeles based speech and accent training company Knight Thompson Speechwork is colloquially known as the 'accent coaches' accent coach'. I have completed their certification and their courses 'Experiencing Speech', 'Experiencing Accents', 'Phonetics Intensive', 'Pronunciation Intensive', 'Posture Intensive' and 'KTS Certification'.

I am a Certified Knight Thompson Speechwork teacher.

Read more about KT Speechwork here:


University College London - SCEP Summer Course in English Phonetics

This course was set up over 100 years ago by phonetician Daniel Jones who was the creator of the cardinal vowels that are still used today in the IPA. It focused on the following areas of English phonetics:

phonemic system (vowels and consonants)
segmental analysis (allophonic processes)
word stress
weakening and coarticulation processes
sentence stress (accent, tones)
intonation and meaning
teaching english pronunciation
features of connected speech
recent and current changes in standard southern british english


London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

Trained here as an actor for three years and this is where I fell in love with phonetics, accents and speechwork.

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Member of the International Phonetic Assosiation


Enhanced DBS Checked

Mental Health First Aider

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My Story

I’ve been working as a professional Speech and Performance coach since 2013 and have worked with a wide range of clients - from CEOs of medical pharmaceutical companies, to seasoned actors, to young children. I've worked with clients over Skype based all over the world (occasionally resulting in some unusual working hours). I am currently teaching accents and phonetics at London drama schools LAMDA and Mountview and I am a certified Knight Thompson Speechwork coach.

I have been fascinated with voice and performance since a very young age - growing up with such different accents in my family kickstarted my interest and since then that interest has taken me all over the world both physically and virtually. It is safe to say that this is not only my job but also my hobby and in that respect I am very lucky. I love working with clients of all ages and abilities and get great satisfaction in seeing their development. I tailor my work to each individual client - everybody learns in different ways, has different levels of experience, skill and preferences to aspects of the work so I aim to be as adaptable as possible. I expect a certain amount of hard work from my clients and in return I endeavour to develop their skillset and push them towards their goals as much as I can.